Eating for Beauty: Skin Benefits of Turmeric

February 6, 2017





Excerpt from "Eating for Beauty", by David Wolfe



Turmeric makes the skin soft, supple, and Smooth. Beautiful skin results from pure blood. Because turmeric helps to purify the blood, it helps to counteract pimples acne boils, and similar skin imbalances. 


Turmeric brings color into pale skin. It adds juiciness to dry skin. It affects the complexions as profoundly as any food. In the art of radiant beauty, these kinds of results are sure sign that food really does affect us.


--How to Select Turmeric--

Fresh turmeric root should resemble ginger, only smaller, orange and more profusely branching. Turmeric powder is bright yellosw and has a slightly spicy taste when unadulterated. 


--How to Use Turmeric--

Turmeric can be used in place of ginger. It may be added to salad dressings, smoothies, and various raw-food recipes.


A small 2.5 centimeter (I inch_ piece of turmeric put through a juice machine will spice up a quart of fresh juice.


Another turmeric drink can be made by mixing 1-2 teaspoons of turmeric powder into smoothie. This can be drunk once or twice a day.











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