Let us Clarify!

October 3, 2016


Clarify has been defined by a Google Search as "to separate out the impurities". Clarifying Shampoo's main effectiveness is removing impurities and deposits from the hair to improve shine and body. Most often we add lots of products to moisturize the hair, add shine, prevent frizz, add hold to make the hairstyle last longer, and other products used to style the hair. The Shampoo service in the salon is one of the most important services that clients receive. It is a foundational service that prepares the hair for optimal styling results.


Clarifying Shampoo prepares the hair, in that, it removes buildup and deposits from hair. Also if you have hard water, clarifying shampoos help to remove those mineral deposits as well to allow the hair to be softer and more absorbent to conditioning. Most clarifying shampoos are color-safe. But, you do want to read all instructions before use. Most often healthy, natural shine is prevented by dulling the hair with the products we use for styling. Clarifying shampoos helps to remove that to help the natural shine come through.


It is recommended that you have a Clarifying Shampoo at least once a month. Don't miss out on your opportunity for your hair to have natural radiance. Inquire about a Clarifying Shampoo at your local hair salon today.











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